Tree Magic Reviews


After the lovely review from ‘Strings to My Bow‘, two other reviewers have posted flattering (5-star) reviews on Amazon. One said:

“A Subtle and Surprising Novel. This worked for me. The writing is poised and elegant with many unforced moments of lyricism. The central plot device—Rainbow’s magical gift—is so odd, it could’ve been off-putting, but the author makes it work. and the development of a “second” main character—no spoilers—was nicely done and quite an original approach. The sense of place was lush and engrossing, which is a surprising accomplishment for a debut novelist. I received an advance reading copy of this novel, but I will keep my eye on this author in the future.”

And the other said:

A Highly Accomplished Debut. This is a very well-written and well-constructed book, complex and subtle and much deeper than the central premise (girl endowed with the gift of ‘tree magic’) suggests. It’s the story of a girl growing up and coming to terms with her past, the consequences of her own actions and the place she wants to occupy in the world. There’s a richness of detail and character, along with some plot surprises that make for an engrossing read. I received an advance review copy in exchange for an honest review: well, here is an author who I honestly think has the skill of an accomplished novelist.”


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