My Short Stories

I don’t have much time for writing short stories, though they’re my favourite ‘between-novels’ activity.

Here’s where you can find some of them:

  • Big Bones – shortlisted for the Bath Short Story Award 2017, is published in their 2017 anthology. A story about a French family coming to live on a farm in the UK.
  • Quark Soup – won third prize in the Segora International Writing competition in 2016. A story about a couple going through difficult times. You can read it in the ‘Short Stories’ menu above.
  • Three Goddesses – selected for publication in the 2016 Book-a-Break anthology ‘Cat Tales’, available to buy here. A story about the effect of a cat on a budding relationship.
  • Shingle and Sand – highly commended in the Segora writing competition in 2015. This is about an old man remembering a key point in his life. You can read it in the ‘Short Stories’ menu above.
  • Ami Entends-tu – runner up in the Living Magazine writing competition 2015. A story (in English, despite the title) set in the Second World War in France. Also published in issue 26 of The French Literary Review. You can read it in the ‘Short Stories’ menu above.

I love reading and writing short stories. I find them the perfect balance between the intensity of flash fiction / poetry and the narrative of novels.

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