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Tree Magic Monday #3

For the third #TreeMagicMonday, Impress Books had this to say:

It’s our final #TreeMagicMonday before release day tomorrow! Below are some glowing reviews for Tree Magic to get you in the mood! Here they are:

1) A  review from book blogger Kelly @kellysrambles

Kelly said: “Harriet truly knows her craft and I enjoyed her writing style very much. This is an intricate exploration of Rainbow’s character which spans her early life and teenage years.”


2) A review from book blogger Bex @MyShelfMyself

Bex said: “The setting of the book was beautifully written, and I especially the parts of the novel set in France. With a slow paced, in depth story with a plot twist I was not expecting at the end, Tree Magic was truly an uplifting read.”


3) A review and my guest blog post at the Melbourne-based ‘YA Room’ about magical realism, metaphors and ideas.

The YA Room said: “We utterly adored reading this magical and intriguing novel. Set in England and France, this alluring tale follows Rainbow, a girl who can shape trees at her will. As well as being a novel about overcoming fears and fighting her way through parallel worlds, it’s also a touching coming-of-age story about finding yourself.”



Tree Magic is re-released today in ebook form – the paperback should be available in a month.

If you have any questions once you’ve read it, feel free to comment or ask me via my blog contact page, on Twitter or on Facebook.

Happy reading!

Tree Magic Monday #2

Here’s Impress Books‘ second post regarding the release of Tree Magic on 2nd June 2020. This one has a quote from the book and was posted on 25th May.


Did you know that: “Tree Magic is structured like a tree: for example, the chapters in The Trunk support the two main branches of the story, and the chapters in Twigs are much shorter.” How fascinating!! 🌿

Pre-order for June 2nd here – https://geni.us/QEBEJwE


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Tree Magic Monday #1

In the run-up to the release of the second edition of Tree Magic, my publisher, Impress Books, is posting a series of ‘fun facts’ about the stories behind the book.

I’m not sure they’re that fun, but never mind!

You can find them every Monday on social media – but I’ll copy them here too, just for you! Here’s the first, which dates from Monday 18th May:


This #TreeMagicMonday we have a super interesting fun fact to share with you from author @harri_springbett 🌿

“Several years ago, a storm damaged a tree in my garden. Wishing I could heal and re-balance it, I began to wonder what it would be like to have such a skill… hence Tree Magic was born.”

Don’t forget #TreeMagic is available to pre-order across multiple platforms in paperback and eBook formats. Link to purchase – https://geni.us/QEBEJwE

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