My debut novel ‘Tree Magic’, published by Impress Books

What’s Tree Magic About?

Tree MTree magic3agic is a coming-of-age novel for adults and teens alike, set in Dorset (UK) and the Charente (France), published by Impress Books.

It’s available in 2 editions: the original 2017 edition (green) and a new 2020 edition (blue). The sequel will be published in September 2020.

Here’s the blurb:

A life fractured into parallel worlds. A quiet magic to accept or ignore. A decision to make.

Escape from difficult family dynamics is teenager Rainbow’s desire. When she discovers a strange gift for communicating with trees, she thinks she’s found her salvation. Even better, a mysterious but gentle man living in her Dorset village helps develop her powers.

But when tragedy strikes, Rainbow’s life is torn apart, creating parallel worlds in the process. In one life, the vulnerable Rainbow strives to salvage her family. In the other, her alter-ego, Mary, flees her past. Over the next few years the two versions of Rainbow follow very different lives. The source of their grief, however, is the same – a confession buried deep within their memories.

Could France offer more than a mere escape? As the two worlds draw closer and memories resurface, Rainbow and Mary’s futures must be determined. Can they receive the healing they need? Or will the renewed pain be too much to bear? Only by risking their lives will they know.


According to the literary journal Storgy Magazine: “Tree Magic is a beautiful and universal tale of loss, love and learning to find a place in a world without roots.”

Want a laugh? Then watch a 1-minute video of me attempting to introduce Tree Magic. If you’re a film industry professional, feel free to offer me acting roles via my contact page (that’s a joke btw).

The new edition of Tree Magic (Impress Books, 2020) will only published in ebook for the moment (due to Covid restrictions). It’s available to pre-order NOW and will be released on 2nd June 2020. ISBN: 978-1-911293-64-4, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon France.

The original edition of Tree Magic (2017) is published in paperback format by Impress Books and is available to order from all internet bookselling websites and selected bookshops: Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble (Nook)



Here are the latest events, links to reviews and news about Tree Magic:


Second Edition of Tree Magic (posted 28th April 20)

Exciting news! 

My second novel – the sequel to Tree Magic – will be published in September. Because of this, my publisher, Impress Books, has decided to re-launch Tree Magic with a brand new cover.

Isn’t it pretty? Many thanks to designer Molly Phipps.

The ebook is available to pre-order NOW from online bookshops, and will be released on 2nd June 2020.
The paperback version will be ready once the Covid restrictions are lifted – but the original paperback is still available.

Here are the book details:

Ebook ISBN-13 number: 978-1-911293-64-4





Bordeaux High School (posted 5th June 18)

How would you feel about standing in front of a class of 36 teenagers who have been studying your novel in their English lessons for the last couple of months?

I was pretty nervous about the idea, but at the same time curious to hear their questions and thoughts on Tree Magic.

Last Friday (1st June 2018) was the date the teacher invited me to come to the Sainte Marie La Bastide high school in Bordeaux. I was greeted by a series of posters the class had made, and they explained what each represented (in excellent English). Then they asked questions – some of which really made me think – and I asked them questions too.

Finally, I did a workshop with them. In groups, they scoured Tree Magic for words and phrases they liked, and then organised them into short poems. This is called ‘Found Poetry’, and it was amazing to see how they linked the phrases to produce some great texts.

Thanks to everyone involved, in particular Emilie Hannagan and Anne, the teacher and librarian who saw Tree Magic in Bradley’s Bookshop, who read it and loved it, and who decided to share it with their class and invite me to meet them.


Tree Magic in Top Ten Books (posted 13 March 18)

It was a pleasant surprise to find Tree Magic in the company of YA authors Lisa Heathfield, Peadar O’Guilin, Karen M McManus and Kerry Drewery on a book blogger’s Top Ten Books That Surprised her (in a good way).

Kelly of Kelly’s Rambles said of Tree Magic: “This book is so gorgeous and massively underrated (or maybe just undiscovered). It’s a beautiful coming of age story with some really stunning writing.”

You can read Kelly’s blog post here, and her review of Tree Magic here.

Many thanks, Kelly.


Q&A on ‘A Daydreamer’s Thoughts’  (posted: 13th Jan 2018)

Fancy getting to know me a little more?

I thought not!


Just in case you would like to know which fictional world I’d like to live in, and which fictional characters I’d like to befriend, you can find the answer on today’s Q&A on Faye’s book blog ‘A Daydreamer’s Thoughts’.

You can also share your own favourites in the post comments.

Brownie points for those who ‘like’ Faye’s post and leave a comment.


Kobo promotion ‘2017 Books You May Have Missed’ (posted: Jan 18)

Tree Magic is on promotion at £1.99 on the UK e-reader website Kobo from 4th-12th January UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY 2018 under the offer ‘Did You Miss These in 2017?’.


Tree Magic to be studied by a French High School (posted: Nov 17)

I’m excited (and a little awed) to learn that a teacher and librarian in a French high school have chosen Tree Magic as the English book they’d like their European class to study in 2018.

I’ve been invited to visit the class, which will happen in spring 2018. The teachers and I have already discussed a range of themes the story raises and discussed some exciting activities for the students to do in conjunction with reading the book.

Many thanks to Bradley’s Bookshop in Bordeaux, where the librarian saw Tree Magic on display.


Award-winning book blog reviews Tree Magic (posted: Nov 17)

I think the Love Books Group review is one of the most flattering ones I’ve seen for Tree Magic. The reviewer begins:

“There are good debut novels and then there are incredible debut novels, and Tree Magic by Harriet Springbett easily falls under the latter categorization.”

How about that! As you can imagine, I’m over the moon (if you’ll forgive the cliché). It’s always wonderful to receive good reviews, so I thought I’d share this one with you. Many thanks to Love Books Group and the reviewer, Kimberly Livingston. You can read the full review by clicking on the link below:

Tree Magic By @HarriSpringbett @ImpressBooks1 #BookReview


Prizewinning Celebration for Segora (posted: Sept 17)

I’ve just been invited to speak about Tree Magic at the prizewinning celebration for the 11th anniversary of the Segora International Writing Competitions. As a 2016 prizewinner, I’ll also be reading the beginning of my story Quark Soup.

It will take place on Saturday 14th October at St.André-sur-Sèvre (79380) in the Deux-Sèvres department of France, and is open to the public. Here is the programme.

Prizewinners from the 2016 and 2017 competition will be reading from their work; there will be a writing workshop in the morning and a dinner in the evening.

It is a good opportunity to meet and network with other writers and publishers – as well as enjoying a delicious meal in good company.

Perhaps I’ll see you there?


Charroux Bilingual Literary Festival (posted: Aug 2017)

It was a pleasure to talk at the 2017 Charroux Bilingual Literary Festival on 24, 25 & 26 August. Sorry I didn’t warn you I was doing this beforehand…

On Thursday 24th I was on a panel chaired by Susie Kelly, alongside Jane Lythell, Alison Morton and Stephanie Zia. The subject was giving advice to new writers. We each talked for 5 minutes, then the audience got into groups of 5 and we circulated among them, answering questions. It was noisy and fun.

Then on Friday 25th I gave a talk and did a writing workshop on Writing for Young Adults. There were about 19 participants, all of whom did the two writing exercises designed to connect with the emotions and attitudes we felt as teenagers.

On Saturday 26th I introduced Tracey Warr’s session: Tracey writes medieval fiction about little-known female people and is published by Impress Books too. It was a real honour to do this introduction, and I spent some time chatting to Tracey.

Later on Saturday I did a talk about my road to the publication of Tree Magic. This was a busy session, with plenty of interaction and questions from the lovely audience.

The sessions were followed by book signings in the festival bookshop, which allowed me to meet more people (and take advantage of the fan – the weather was SO hot!).

The next Charroux festival will be in August 2019.

Hope to see you there.


Book talk in Angers, France (June 2017)

I’ve been invited to talk about Tree Magic and my journey to publication by Phoebe in the English-language library in Angers. I’ll be talking on Friday 23rd June from 10 am – 11am.

You can find out more on their website here.

Come and meet me: we’ll be able to discuss books and writing.


Tree Magic Talks in the Pyrenees (June 2017)

I was invited to do a writing residency at the Maison des Arts in Arras-en-Lavedan (near Argelès-Gazost in the western Pyrenees mountains) from 3-9th June. It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to do lots of research for my current novel.

I met lots of interesting people, thanks to my hosts Françoise Gourvès and Karine Depeyre.

I also gave two talks about my journey to publication of Tree Magic at the amazing Le Kairn bistro-bookshop. If you’re in the Val d’Azun, do visit this bookshop, which has an eclectic mix of books, not to mention delicious tapas and desserts.

You can read a daily account of the residency in my blog posts, starting from ‘Coming home to Pau‘ and finishing with ‘Hide and Seek with Bears and Boys‘.


YALC 2017 – 28th-30th July 2017, the Olympia, London (posted 18th May 2017)

I feel very honoured (to put it mildly) because I have been invited to talk about Tree Magic at the Young Adult Literature Convention (YALC) at the Olympia, London, in July.

Yes, that’s right: The Olympia! London!

This 3-day festival brings together the finest current YA fiction, with talks from best-selling authors such as Patrick Ness, Joanne Harris, Sara Barnard, Holly Bourne, Emily Barr and many others.

Check out this link to see the full list of authors attending.

I’m going to have such fun meeting these authors, as well as the book bloggers and readers I’ve only met virtually on Twitter chat shows and blogs. When the schedule is published, I will let you know so that you can come and meet them too.

YALC is part of the London Film and Comic Convention, and the dates are 28, 29 and 30 July 2017. You’ll find more details on Twitter at @yalc_uk and on the website here.

Thanks very much to Sarah, my publicist at Impress Books, for organising this. She must have been very persuasive!

YA specialist blog ‘Kelly’s Rambles’ reviews Tree Magic (8th May 2017)

I regularly take part in the 1-hour Twitter chat shows #SundayYA (Sundays at 6pm UK time) and #ukyachat, (Fridays at 8pm UK time). These live shows, open to anyone and in which book lovers, authors and bloggers discuss YA books and themes, are where I ‘met’ YA book blogger Kelly.

Kelly is a star YA blogger with lots of influence – she is also a teacher. It’s worth checking out Kelly’s Rambles because she regularly updates her blog with some fantastic YA recommendations. Most of my YA reads have been suggested by Kelly.

Anyway, Kelly liked the sound of Tree Magic, bought a copy and has now read and reviewed it. You can read her lovely review on her book blog here.

Literary Journal ‘Storgy’ reviews Tree Magic (2nd May 2017)

Wow! Reviewer Alice Kouzmenko has published a thoughtful, positive review of Tree Magic in the literary journal ‘Storgy’ today. You can read it here.

If you’re looking for a good read, why not join the 12 000 other followers on Storgy’s Facebook page or Twitter account?

A fascinating and thoughtful review (April 2017)

I am overjoyed to see the wonderful reviews of Tree Magic that are beginning to appear on Goodreads and various book blogs. Having people read and understand what you’re trying to express is so gratifying.

A Netgalley professional reader, Tara, said on Twitter: “This novel is one of the more poetic and picturesque I’ve read in a while.”

Read her fascinating, thoughtful review of Tree Magic here on her blog ‘Artistic Bent‘.

Tree Magic available for request on Netgalley (April 2017)

My wonderful publisher, Impress Books, has just added Tree Magic to the Netgalley catalogue. Netgalley is a website where professional readers can receive books for free in exchange for reviews etc. It is aimed at book bloggers, librarians, booksellers etc.

So if you fit one of these categories, click on the Netgalley link, sign up (for free) and request a free copy.


Tree Magic spreads its roots to Australia (March 2017)

The YA Room in Melbourne, Australia, has written a review and featured two of my articles: a Q&A and an article about the story behind Tree Magic. Click on the links below to read them.

The Story behind Tree Magic 







Win a free copy of Tree Magic (March 2017)

The lovely Kelly Lacey at the I Love Books blog is running a giveaway of the paperback version of Tree Magic until 28th March 2017. Click here to find out more.


World Book Day (March 2017)

The Book Fairies from Books On The Underground handed out copies of Tree Magic as gifts for World Book Day on 2nd March. If you picked one up, let me know.

Courtesy of Impress Books

Courtesy of Impress Books

A video book-trailer (1st March 2017)

To celebrate publication of the paperback format of Tree Magic today, I have uploaded a silly home video of me in a tree, introducing you to the story. It’s on my Facebook Author Page. Have a look and don’t laugh too hard at my manic eyes when I try to remember my text!






A Helping Hand from a Stranger (February 2017)

A perfect stranger from Dorset read Tree Magic and sent me a wonderful message on my Facebook Author Page, telling me how much she’d liked it, and why. She then wrote a glowing, 5-star review on Goodreads, added it to the page and tweeted on Twitter that Tree Magic  was her week’s must-read. Finally, she invited me to be interviewed on her blog, The Glorious Outsiders.

This just shows how much influence a reader can have on a book’s success.

You can find all the details to these elements by clicking on the links above. Thanks enormously to Chantelle Atkins for sharing her love of my story.


Tree Magic ebook only 99p (February 2017)

I couldn’t resist sharing this publicity picture with you. Impress Books created it and chose their favourite endorsements.




Paperback version of Tree Magic

Woo hoo! My publisher has just told me that they are going to print a paperback version of Tree Magic. It will be available from 1st March 2017 and you can pre-order it here.





Doreen Doily’s video featuring Tree Magic

Doreen Doily, is an alternative teacher and cult figure for thousands of teenagers. Her amusing, clever 1-minute ‘No-Brainer Lectures’ have had over 3 million views – so I was delighted to see Tree Magic featuring in her video on how to make your brain bigger by reading.

Here’s the link to her ‘Reading’ video on Facebook or Youtube, which has had 19 000 views.

Review from French Village Diaries (16th Jan ’17)

The French-related book review website ‘French Village DIaries’ has featured an interesting review of Tree Magic. You can read it here.


Review from Susan Elizabeth Hale (13th Jan ’17)

Susan is the creator of ‘Earth Day – SIng to the Trees’ (10 000 followers in 45 countries) and author of children’s book ‘Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation’. Find out more about the annual Earth Day (22nd of April) here.

“Neglected Rainbow is thirteen and thirsty for attention. She discovers she has magic hands and can shape trees. But what does that mean? And what do you do when your natural gift is a source of scorn, confusion and pain? Harriet Springbett asks deep questions and answers them with eloquent language and an observant eye. She has created fascinating characters that live inside you. This is an original and complex story that kept me engaged. Highly recommended for both teens and adults.”

A Reader Review (11th Jan ’17)

Here’s a review from a reader who didn’t receive a review copy:

“I was totally absorbed by this book. Beautifully written, brilliantly plotted, unpredictable and engaging. Fascinating and complex characters and settings, vividly described. I love the way the book’s structure and imagery is shaped by trees, and the sensations evoked when Rainbow touches a tree are just gorgeous. In places I was reminded of The Night Rainbow.”


Reviews for Tree Magic (9th Jan ’17)

After the lovely review from ‘Strings to My Bow‘, two other reviewers have posted flattering (5-star) reviews on Amazon. One said:

“A Subtle and Surprising Novel. This worked for me. The writing is poised and elegant with many unforced moments of lyricism. The central plot device—Rainbow’s magical gift—is so odd, it could’ve been off-putting, but the author makes it work. and the development of a “second” main character—no spoilers—was nicely done and quite an original approach. The sense of place was lush and engrossing, which is a surprising accomplishment for a debut novelist. I received an advance reading copy of this novel, but I will keep my eye on this author in the future.”

And the other said:

A Highly Accomplished Debut. This is a very well-written and well-constructed book, complex and subtle and much deeper than the central premise (girl endowed with the gift of ‘tree magic’) suggests. It’s the story of a girl growing up and coming to terms with her past, the consequences of her own actions and the place she wants to occupy in the world. There’s a richness of detail and character, along with some plot surprises that make for an engrossing read. I received an advance review copy in exchange for an honest review: well, here is an author who I honestly think has the skill of an accomplished novelist.”


Publication Day – 9th January 2017

This morning, Impress Books have published my article about my route to publication on their blog. You can read it here.

Twitter chat show #UKYAchat

On Friday 20th January 2017 at 8pm English time (9pm French time) you can join me on #UKYAchat on Twitter. I’ll be answering the host’s questions, and will be delighted to respond to your thoughts and questions about Tree Magic.

Twitter chat show #SundayYA

c0eiiebwqaepd2uI’ll be talking about Tree Magic on the Twitter chat show #SundayYA on Sunday 22nd January 2017 at 6pm British time (7pm French time).

Come along and ask your questions – you have a couple of weeks to read Tree Magic, as it’s released on 9th January 2017. Look forward to seeing you there.




Book Review – Strings to My Bow

My first review of Tree Magic has been published on the website ‘Strings to my Bow’. You can read it here.

RCF Radio Interview and Reading

logoI was interviewed on Tree Magic in English on RCF Charente Radio’s Anglofile programme on 29th November 2016.

Click here to listen to the 26-minute interview, which includes a reading of Chapter One.

The show will be repeated on Tuesday 27th December 2016 at 6:30pm French time and Saturday 31st December at 11:30am. Happy listening!

Anticipated Reads for 2017

There’s a reference to Tree Magic being an anticipated read for 2017 on the Impress Book blog here.

Some background to Tree Magic

There’s a little bit of background to why I wrote Tree Magic in my blog post ‘Impressed’, which you can read by clicking here.

Just Signed

This was that truly magic moment when Impress Books announced they were going to publish Tree Magic. You can see the announcement here.