Writing Residency

In June 2017 I was invited to be a writer-in-residence.

The venue was the Maison des Arts arts centre in Arras-en-Lavedan, a small village in the beautiful Val d’Azun valley in the Pyrenees mountains, France.

The aim of my visit was to research my second novel. Did I do this? Yes, of course. But I also met so many great people and discovered so much (and took so many photos) that I decided to blog about each day’s activities.

My readers seemed to enjoy my ramblings about mountain life. I was even contacted by an editor of the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, who liked what she read and invited me to contribute to the guide. (You can find my offering, ‘Going Public’, here.)

So I’ve decided to separate these residency blog posts and make them easy to access and read. Just click on the titles in the pull-down menu. I think they’re in the right order…