Going Public

Sometimes I wonder whether writing a blog is a waste of time. An enjoyable waste of time, but still time that I could spend doing useful things like, um, writing proper stuff? Or testing my kids on their irregular verbs. Or making fab meals for my partner. Or maybe cleaning the greasy grime from my bath (actually, no; not that).

And then something like this happens, and my effort is rewarded.

Like what? I hear you ask.

Click, click, click… like this:

I was in the Pyrenees mountains on my writing residency in June and, to avoid being lonely in the evening, I wrote silly things on my blog about what I’d been doing each writerly day.

On my last day, I received an email via my blog contact page from Clare, a Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook website editor.

If you’re a writer and you’re thinking about publication, you’ll know that this red writers’ bible is published annually and contains listings of agents, publishers, magazines, awards and associations. It also has practical articles from writers talking about their craft.

Well, Clare had been reading my blog and wanted me to write an article for the Writers & Artists  website.

So I did. I wrote ‘Going Public’.

And from this surprise request, I have learnt that having a bit of fun and being yourself seems to be more effective than spending hours drafting queries and proposals.

(Hmm… talking of drafting queries: if you happen to be a literary agent and like my blog, feel free to contact me and offer me representation.)

Anyway, here‘s the article on the Writers & Artists website.

I hope you find it useful. Or interesting. Or something like that.

While you’re there, take the time to browse the website because it has loads of useful information on it. You can register for free and sign up for the newsletter too.

You might even find an article about how to catch the media’s attention via your blog…

12 thoughts on “Going Public

    1. harrietspringbett Post author

      Thanks Curtis – yes, things seem to be coming together for me in the writing world at the moment (after long years of anonymous perseverance). And thanks for sharing your thoughts on my article. Have a lovely day.

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  1. harrietspringbett Post author

    Thanks Michelle. Glad you liked the article – and yes, this morning’s task is either the washing or cleaning the bath (a job I keep hoping I can foist onto one of my kids).


    1. harrietspringbett Post author

      You’re most welcome, Sue. I find it gratifying when people tell me I’ve inspired them – I think it’s because so many writers have inspired me and I feel as if I can give a little back, at last!

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  2. Sara Gethin

    Hi Harriet, I just read your article on Writers & Artists and scooted over here to follow your blog.
    In that article you’ve completely summed up where I am right now, forcing myself to get out there to promote my debut novel when my next book is screaming in my head that it wants to be written. I’m so afraid it’s going to ‘pirouette’ away, as you so perfectly put it.
    And you’re so right about having to say ‘yes’ to everything, when actually writers are often quite shy and would rather stay at home writing – even though no one ever seems to notice.
    I’m so glad, too, that writing a blog can have benefits. I discovered that twitter and FB made me lots of useful contacts, so I guess it is all worth the time and effort in the end.
    Good luck with Tree Magic – it sounds very intriguing – and thanks for making my day with your reassuring article. It’s great to know someone else is going through the same experiences!
    Sara / Wendy x

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    1. harrietspringbett Post author

      Thanks so much for this kind comment, Sara / Wendy. You say I made your day with my article, but actually you have just made mine! Receiving feedback like this makes everything worthwhile. I’m going to check out your blog and look forward to learning more about your debut novel.



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