Here are the links to some reviews of Tree Magic and also some blogs where I feature on author interviews. Click on the link to read the full review.


“Just going to start this review with a great big WOW. Because that was the one word I kept repeating after finishing this unique novel just moments ago. I was hooked from the start.”

“There are good debut novels and then there are incredible debut novels, and Tree Magic by Harriet Springbett easily falls under the latter categorization. If you know anything about the book world, you know that agents and publishers are seeking not just good writers, but novels with plots that are in every way new. Impress Books Ltd. found what it was looking for with this one.”

  • Alice Kouzmenko from Storgy literary magazine

“I am not one for fantasy novels. So, when I read the blurb for this book, I was initially sceptical about the prospect of reading about a girl with magic hands. (…) However, Springbett has cleverly blended fantasy with the real world. Every element other than Rainbow’s gift is true to reality (…) Although targeted towards teens and young adults, older readers will find pleasure in Springbett’s simple yet delicate prose.”

  • Kelly from Kelly’s Ramblings

Tree Magic had been hovering on my TBR for some time before picking it up but I’ve finally read it and thought it was wondrous. Filled with magical realism, this story is a real treasure and I felt like I had been on a real journey with Rainbow by the end of it.”

“A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to receive a copy of Tree Magic, a new YA debut by Harriet Springbett. We utterly adored reading this magical and intriguing novel. Set in England and France, this alluring tale follows Rainbow…”

“This novel captured my attention much more deeply than I had anticipated due to a picturesque writing and intelligent plot. The settings were vividly detailed and at times you can almost feel the trees under your fingertips as if Rainbow is guiding your hand.”

“There were two words that kept coming to my mind as I was reading this book, one was emotion and the other was unexpected. This book is full of emotions. (…) I loved this book as an adult and know it would have struck a chord as a teenager.”